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A Guide to Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga

Yoga is undoubtedly a popular activity for many people worldwide, but why not consider trying Bikram yoga? This unique form of yoga is actually classed as hot yoga because it is a form of working out and exercising. This is performed in temperatures of 40 degrees to replicate its birthplace in India. It is popular in America and the Western world; indeed, some 40 countries have Bikram studios. This unique form of exercise offers extensive health benefits, and people are sure to find a studio close to them where they can try it out.

Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Anyone can decide if this is the form of exercise that will benefit the mind and body and improve overall health and well-being and is suitable for their needs. There are 26 sequenced postures involved in Bikram yoga. Of the sequence of postures, 24 are asanas, and two are pranayamas which are a well-known form of breathing exercise. The process takes place in rooms where the walls are covered in mirrors with carpeted floors for the demanding workout regime. Instructors will constantly address people's posture to ensure maximum benefits. Sessions usually last around 90 minutes. Participants can expect to improve the range of joint motion in the lower and upper body. Other health benefits include improved lower body strength, balance, and blood lipids, improved mindfulness, alleviated stress levels, and increased glucose tolerance levels.